Vetercann is veterinary brand of company Annabis, s.r.o., a cosmetics company based in the Czech Republic. Our products are based on many years’ experience and long-lasting relations with medical and cosmetics experts and our customers use cannabis products for a wide range of needs with outstanding results. High specialization, professionalism and intense orientation on customers have enabled a dynamic development of the company and its place among market leaders.

An integral part of our business is the minimizing impacts on the environment. We do so by observing regulations concerned with environmental protection and by the implementation of consumption precautions to minimize use of energy and raw materials while reducing waste.

Arthrocann Annabis
Arthrocann Annabis


Our know-how is based on harnessing the medicinal attributes of hemp and other natural active substances. Hemp is known for its anti-inflammatory, healing, antibacterial and antiviral effects. It also helps in dealing with numerous common illnesses and conditions, and usually brings relief very quickly when applied locally in the form of tincture or ointment. It has proven to be very efficient in the treatment of lifestyle and age-related conditions and illnesses. Unlike many classic ones, this natural medicine does not have any known harmful side-effects.
Psychoactive compounds are not present in the certified technical hemp varieties we use for cosmetics manufacture. Our preparations based on these hemp varieties are entirely safe and there is no reason to be afraid of habit-forming substances and health consequences.

Innovation and development process

Thanks to the popularity of our products in the markets, we continuously extend our product range. Our attention is therefore focused on research and development of new products. Innovations are the key factor of our success. Research activities are secured by a team of experienced researcher professionals, in cooperation with partner companies, research institutes, colleges and universities throughout the Czech Republic and foreign countries. Legislative approval and testing of new products are conducted under the patronage of accredited laboratories.

Production Method

Our production is situated in European Union and takes place in a certified laboratory. The laboratory is a holder of the ISO 9001:2008 certification as well as the GMP certificate for a manufacturer of medicinal products for human use. It was given full accreditation from the drug testing inspection and the supervision of the product quality is the central focus of our manufacturing practice. The objective of all of our processes is to supply the market with a product of an appropriate quality, safety and efficacy. We focus not only on the inspection of a final product but also on testing of raw materials, on packaging checkup and the examination of the entire production process. All workers included in the production process are trained regularly in the fields of hygiene, safety regulations and manufacturing processes.

Our direction

“Our mission is to bring the highest quality hemp products to the market and by virtue of their production increase the quality of life of our customers.”

Robin Kazik, Ph.D., Annabis founder CEO

Our values

  • Respect for an individual and competition
  • Main attention aimed at our customer
  • Superiority in everything we do

We focus our attention mainly on the research and development of new products. Innovations are the key to our success. Research activities are provided by a team of experienced researchers in cooperation with affiliate companies, research institutes and universities both within the Czech Republic and abroad.